Mick Pini
He lives, breathes, plays and sings the blues with genuine passion even his 1954 Fender Stratocaster smokes!

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Mick Pini

The very latest Mick Pini MP3 from his new album 'Blues Survivor' has been made available here. This track is exclusive to this site. The latest review of "Blues Survivor" can be found just below the downloads section.

If you’re lucky enough to catch Mick live you are guaranteed the real deal; no pedals, no effects, just a (rare) 54 Strat (stroked) played by a bluesmeister. Oh- and how he makes it plead, bleed, sing, scream, cry – and smoke!

With a life time in music you’ll hear echoes and influences from the whole tradition of the blues in Mick’s playing. His uncompromising adherence to a genuine belief in his music has never been deflected. Those distinctive raw, attacking riffs and phrases, often reminiscent of such legendary names as Freddie King, Albert Collins or T-Bone Walker hit you with aggression not unlike a ton of bricks, then in a moment, he’ll melt your heart with a sweeping phrase of pure beauty. These are the hallmarks of Mick Pini: to encounter him live is a joy not to be missed - it’s a blues master class!

Mick started playing guitar as a young boy back in 1960. Since then he’s paid his dues in pubs, clubs, festivals, concert halls - hell, even busking on the streets. Over a lifetime he’s worked with all sorts: Doctor Ross, Professor Longhair, Rich Grech, Mojo Buford, Louisana Red, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Chris Farlowe, Mike Vernon, BB King, Luther Allison – and more than a few others. Currently based in Germany, Mick has more recently worked with Roy Estrada (Little Feat) and Jimmy Carl Black (Frank Zappa).

Live he’s simply brilliant – but why take my word for it; Eric Clapton called him the “legitimate successor to Peter Green”, while Mick Vernon described him as “ having the energy and attack that made Freddie King one of the greats. There are too few great guitarists working the European scene. Sure there are many good ones, but only a few have the potential to make a mark in a way Peter Green did many years ago.” A recent gig produced the newspaper headline: “An honour to see blues legend in action.” Perhaps the most telling tribute is the fact that when Mick is in town, Mick Double, Eric Clapton’s manager can regularly be found at the back of the room, quietly enjoying Mick’s set.

  • Maggie Bell - Keep playing them blues Mick.
  • Ann Nightingale - absoluteley brilliant.
  • Roger Chapman - a great player.
  • Dick Hextall Smith - I haven't heard anything like this since I did the Clapton Beano 1966 John Mayall Album.
  • Mick Avery (Kinks drummer) - real great player.
  • Joachim Kirsten (Blues News Germany ) - will be one of the top acts on the Continent in the future.
  • Sherman Robertson - you're the first white blues player with a black feel.
  • B.B.King - great man, I like it.
  • Luther Allison - Man we´re going to have to get together.
  • Dirk Fohrs (Blues News Magazine, Germany) - A great British Blues player.
  • Dr Ross - man I love your playing.
  • Ian Parker (Blues Matters) - Best live Blues player he´s ever seen and been influenced by.
  • Roger Inniss - 'You need help brother'

Micks Equipment

Fender 1954 Stratocaster Guitar
Gibson goldtop 1973 Guitar
Gibson 345 1967 Cherry Red Guitar
Martin DX1 acoustic Guitar
Guild Dreadnaught 1968 acoustic guitar


Mesa Boogie mark 111
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Dean Markley Combo


Ernie Ball Regular 10 13 17 26 36 46
Martin acoustic Strings 12

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