James Hunter

James Hunter
“He’s one of the best two or three British R&B singers there’s ever been.

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The first track's taken from the James Hunter CD "People Gonna Talk" All songs written and arranged by James Hunter and Produced by Liam Watson. Recorded by Liam Watson, and mixed by Liam Watson and James Hunter at Toe Rag Studios, London. Mastered by Noel Summerville at Transformation, London. Executive Producers: Kimberly Guise & Jonathan Otto. The copyright in all recordings is owned by GO/Rounder Records. © 2004 GO/Rounder Records, all rights reserved.

James Hunter: vocals/guitar
Damian Hand: tenor sax
Lee Badau: baritone sax
Jonathan Lee: drums/percussion
Jason Wilson: bass

"People Gonna Talk" Streaming Realaudio

Lo-Fi | HI-Fi

Next tracks taken from the "Kick it Around" CD RUF 1039 available at all good record shops. Recorded December 14th - 18th 1998.  Produced and mixed by Boz Boorer.    The copyright in all recordings is owned by James Hunter. © 2001 James Hunter, all rights reserved.

James Hunter: vocals/guitar
Damian Hand: tenor sax
Nick Lunt: baritone sax
Preston Prince: drums
Dave Lagnado: double bass

"Tell Her For Me" Streaming Realaudio
"Tell Her For Me" MP3 (983KB)

"Kick it Around" Streaming Realaudio

All MP3 tracks encoded at 56 Kbps for ease and quickness of download.

The Hard Way CD

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People Gonna Talk CD

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Kick it Around CD

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Also Available:

Click here to order James Hunter's  CD "Believe What I Say" from Amazon.

"... ‘Kick it Around’ on Ruf Records shows the typical handwriting of James Hunter, but the compositions are more direct and rounded.The result of the co-operation with producer Boz Boorer was a gifted mixture of pointed up tempo songs, which find their way directly into the listener’s ears, and graceful dreamy ballads like the wonderful ‘Mollena’. His own songs are supplemented by two covers ‘Lovers Question’ and ‘Dearest’. Music of the 60’s is pretty much en vogue at the moment, and ‘Kick it Around’ fits perfectly into this current revival thing - though its freshness and authenticity is almost outrageous. All basic tracks were recorded live (as usual), and compared with his previous albums he abstained from using guest appearances and more instruments. ‘First I planned to use an additional piano here and some strings there but after the first takes were done it came out very clear that the band brings so much energy and life into the production, that additional instruments would be more disturbing than a support.' Everything worked out that fine, that the basic tracks for ‘Kick it Around’ were recorded within just five days - a positive omen. The pleasant Briton is almost very satisfied with his new product - although his greatest wish will never be fulfilled: ‘I think I’d like to be Robert Mitchum’ he says. "

Also available:

... "Soul was added to the R&B and he recorded his debut on ACE named “Believe What I Say”. The basic framework is formed by guitar, double bass, drums, tenor and baritone sax. The production was rounded by guest appearances of Van Morrison and soul Diva Doris Troy."

Click here to order James Hunter's  CD "Believe What I Say" from Amazon.


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