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The Monterey Bay Blues Festival calls Gregg Wright ... “the new King of Rockin' Blues Guitar!” and it's easy to see why. He's an electrifying live performer who “learned how to not look like a statue, performing beside Michael Jackson every night on the Victory Tour!” His guitar playing leaves audiences spellbound . . . “Gregg Wright has an extra gear most guitarists don't have" raves fellow Bluesman Zac Harmon. All this is accompanied by a deeply resonant, soulful voice and killer stage presence.

Gregg Wright, first took up guitar while attending junior high school in Wichita Falls, Texas, where his father, a career military man, was stationed. His first bands were in high school around the Washington, D.C. area during his Dad's last military assignment before retirement. His professional career began on the U.S. Southern circuit in the mid -1970's. Playing years of one-nighters around Louisiana and Texas, he opened shows for many a Blues legend. “I was privileged to work and learn around greatness!” says Gregg. “People like Albert King and Freddie King encouraged me to work hard. I've paid my dues with blood and sweat!”

An '80's move from Louisiana to Los Angeles saw Wright become top session guitarist. He earned an incredible pedigree doing albums and tours with Mick Fleetwood, Michael Jackson, the Gap Band and many others. To this day, Gregg Wright is the only person in music history to have played with the two biggest record sellers of all time!

The award winning Wright is having an equally dramatic impact with his recorded work. A recent Blues Matters magazine review of his new CD "King of the Rockin’ Blues," states "This album places Gregg Wright in the top echelons of the great blues guitarists!"

Gregg has put together an equally stalwart backing band with Ron Battle on bass (Solomon Burke, Lucky Peterson), Leon Abner on drums (Elvin Bishop, Chambers Brothers) and "Stormin'" Norman Weatherly on keyboards (Ike Turner, Jimmy McCracken) Their incredibly precise, high energy live performances have brought many a Blues festival crowd to its feet. This is an act no one can afford to miss! So, welcome to Blues guitar in the 21st century. Total audience satisfaction is guaranteed with Gregg Wright ... "King of the Rockin' Blues!"

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Press Quotes

Gregg Wright is no stranger in these parts - he's welcomed onto the stage by a full house, and I mean full house! The place is awash with people! He's given a hero's welcome, and sets about bringing the house down in no time at all. This man is not given to gentle introductions or formalities - he's straight down to business and his business is Rockin' Blues! If you like your Blues dosed up in easy to swallow chunks, don't bother coming. Gregg's medicine is served up in massive infusions straight into the jugular. Overdoses are regular and the poor victims are seen staggering down the stairs at intervals, and at the end of the evening's session. There's no antidote available at these gigs so I'm afraid to say that victims have to "cold turkey" it out, post performance! His rhythm section maintain the high octane performance demanded by the Schumacher of Blues. Musicians in the audience had eyes like kids in Toys 'R' Us just before Christmas. Several surreptitiously played air guitars during some of the numbers and were singing along to many a song and psalm from the Gregg Wright Book of Hymnals. His set contains a nice mix of golden Blues oldies, stirred in with several numbers off his CDs. I tell you, the crowd not only likes this guy, they love him! Gregg hung around to sign several autographs and posters for the admiring crowd. This, I believe, is his only stop over in Wales and audience and band made the most of it. Next year we will have to get a few more venues sorted for him. Another great night. And by that I DO mean as great as Queen Elizabeth I, Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton... Diane Gillard - Sister Feelgood

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As is always the case, this year's edition of the festival was a huge success, due to an excellent choice of musicians who did a great job and confirmed their high status in the blues hierarchy. Weather conditions were great and Blues fans enjoyed every moment of the proceedings, not to mention the cold beer! We are talking about July!

The Festival's natural closer was Gregg Wright and his band. What a musician and what credentials he has! He played 75 concerts as Michael Jackson's guitarist on his legendary "Victory Tour" in the Eighties! Not to mention work with Mick Fleetwood, Gap Band, Spencer Davis and many more or his session work or sharing the stage with the likes of Albert and Freddie King in earlier stages of his career. His gig was absolutely a scorcher, no wonder people in the know dubbed him as "King of Rocking Blues guitar!" His standard set included numerous classics between Albert King and Jimi Hendrix, plus his own material which is on the same level as other people's material he did. Spirits of Albert and Jimi were haunting the stage and blues fans were mesmerized! Gregg Wright fired from all arms and easily confirmed his high ranking within the blues and rock community. A gig to remember! - Vasja Ivanovski

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"Gregg Wright brings down the house in no time!" - Blues Matters/U.K.

"The new King of Rockin' Blues Guitar!" - The Monterey Bay Blues Festival/CA, USA

"Gregg has an extra gear that most guitarists don't have!" - Zac Harmon/Blues Artist

"The best guitar player I've ever heard!" - Karen Gros/Associated Content

"One of the most innovative guitarists of our time!" - International Guitar Festival of Great Britain

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Gregg Wright

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