Giles Robson & the Dirty Aces "A great harmonica player" Charlie Musselwhite.

When Giles Robson and the Dirty Aces released their debut all Original album "Crooked Heart Of Mine" blues critics and top musicians from around the world were in agreement. Giles Robson is quite simply one of the best, most original and exciting living blues harmonica virtuosos on the planet today and a distinctive and original singer. They also praised The Dirty Aces as a world class and accomplished band. Classic Rock Magazine described the album as "Superior stuff" and listed the album as one of it's blues albums of the year 2011.

So what marks this harmonica player out? As Blues in Britain magazine states "Giles is no mere imitator. This guy is an original with classy influences". His is a unique harmonica style that attracts superlatives. In live and album reviews he's been labeled "Britain's harmonica hero", a "Magician of the harmonica" "A great living harmonica player" "A phenomenal talent" a "trailblazer" and has been listed alongside greats of the instrument that include Rick Estrin, Rod Piazza, Kim Wilson and Sugar Blue. The great Paul Jones has mentioned him in the same breath as Stevie Wonder in talking about his "Superb" playing. Perhaps his appeal to both young and old was summed up by USA's Blues Revue magazine: "A phenomenal talent.... Robson is leading the way in both popularizing the harmonica for the young generation and satisfying established blues fans who just love to hear a harp maestro at the top of his game". Blues Revue, USA

Sugar Blue, Giles Robson, Billy Branch, Charlie Musselwhite react to the standing ovation at the Colne Blues Festival
L-R Sugar Blue, Giles Robson, Billy Branch, Charlie Musselwhite
react to their standing ovation at the Colne Blues Festival 2013.

Add to those harmonica skills a distinctively British unaffected and individual voice that has been compared to Chris Youlden from Savoy Brown, Nick Cave, Mick Jagger and Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream and you have one of the most exciting and original talents on the international blues scene today. "I'm not trying to sound black, my vocals are more directly influenced by my favourte punk, garage and rock vocalists. When you get a white blues musician trying to sound like a black musician that's where the parody and the tired cliches begin". As the Blabber and Smoke Blog review observed "He sings without any mannered blueisms, at times the early Feelgoods are recalled but there are elements here also of the mighty Fall".

"Britain's Harmonica Hero" Returns With A Dirty Riff Laden Rock-Blues Album

The new Giles Robson and the Dirty Aces album, From The Basement was created after a series of wild basement parties the band played at an abandoned ironworks. "These songs were created in the spirit of those crazy nights" says Giles Robson. "250 people crammed into a filthy basement. A makeshift bar, old Slush Puppie machines serving highly alcoholic slushy concoctions the audience dancing inches away from you as you played - sweat running down the walls. I can remmember firebreathers and some crazy sculptures made out of old land rovers outside and general carnage inside! On "From The Basement" our new album we tried to infuse the raw energy and intensity of nights into the sound and performances and recording"

What we have here is big dirty and distorted harmonica riffs and solos, cool contempary garage rock whiteboy vocals, driving rhythms and catchy melodies. A visceral and adrenelin filled mixture of punk, garage and alternative rock shot through with good old fashioned dirty Rock n Roll and blues. It's like The Ramones and Dr Feelgood meets the Black Keys, Jack White and Gary Clark Jr. It's an exciting form of whiteboy Rock-Blues that is very much of the moment.

Liam Hart, the promotions manager of London's iconic Blues Kitchen in Camden town perhaps sums up this album perfectly."This sounds ace. Its a great contemporary Blues record. I get sent hundreds of acts each week and 99% of them sound exactly the same! The production here is great, the rhythm section sounds heavy and its refreshing to hear a fresh take on guitar playing. If white guys are going to play the Blues, this is the way to do it!"

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Filip Kozlowski of the Dirty Aces Giles Robson of the Dirty Aces Ian Jennings of the Dirty Aces Mike Hellier of the Dirty Aces

Press Quotes

"Britain's Harmonica Hero" Classic Rock Blues Magazine

"A phenomenal talent.... Robson is leading the way in both popularizing the harmonica for the young generation and satisfying established blues fans who just love to hear a harp maestro at the top of his game". Blues Revue USA

"The winning trump card of British Blues" Ruta 66 Spain v

"Fusing world class harp playing with RnB swagger" Classic Rock top ten blues albums of the year 2011

"The Joe Bonamassa of the blues harmonica!" Musicopolis, Spain

"The blues world designates Giles as the new master of the harmonica, and I can only agree". Back To The Roots, Belgium

"I Like great harmonica players and Giles Robson is a great harmonica player" Sugar Blue (Grammy Award winning harmonica player)

"There are many living harmonica players of note, from Stevie Wonder to Giles Robson and back again" Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2

"They are a terrific band, as soon as you hear them they've got that quality that's so rare. Tom Robinson BBC6 Music

"The harmonica playing of Giles Robson is unique and carries the man in the ranks of the best harmonica players on the planet". Music In Belgium. Belgium

"Giles Robson's blues harp can only be described as exquisite. This man could well be the the best harmonica player on he blues scene today" The Daily Express

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